The Prime Minister is the leader of the political party which won the largest number of seats in the National Assembly in the last general election. He is invited to form a government by the Governor-General. The Prime Minister is the senior minister in the government and is ultimately responsible for all government policies and programmes.

The St. Kitts & Nevis Cabinet is comprised of the Prime Minister, other ministers and the Attorney-General. Cabinet ministers are appointed by the Governor-General on the ad\-ice of the Prime Minister. They control the departments of government and implement, administer and enforce the laws made by Parliament. Cabinet members must stand together on government policy -- a minister who is not willing to do so must resign.


O Land of Beauty!
Our country where
peace abounds,

Thy children stand free
On the strength of will
and love.

With God in all our
St. Kitts and Nevis
be a nation
bound together
with a common destiny.

As stalwarts we stand
for justice and liberty.

With wisdom and truth
we will serve and
honour thee.

No sword nor spear can
conquer for God will sure

His blessings shall
to posterity extend.

The Parliament of St. Kitts 6r Nevis is comprised of the Speaker, elected members of the Government and Opposition parties (11), appointed Senators (3) and the Attorney-General when not an elected member. Parliament, also called the National Assembly is the Speaker's Chairsole institution through which laws of the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis are passed, taxes imposed, and public expenditure authorized.

The Speaker of the National Assembly is elected by the members and is the presiding officer of Parliament. He decides all questions of procedure and order with complete impartiality and protects the privilege of freedom of speech by ensuring that all members, regardless of party affiliation, are given a fair opportunity to speak and express their views. The Speaker may or may not be an elected member of the National Assembly.

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